Ruth Hoffart Narration

Title: Librarian, Manager (Retired)

Company: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

As a retiree of the RCMP, Ruth Hoffart looks back fondly over her career serving Canada’s police force. Listen in to hear about the path that led her to work with Canada’s finest.

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Lorraine Avery

lorraine-averyTitle: Senior Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Consultant

Company: Associated Banc-Corp

Location: Plover, WI



As the senior vice president for diversity and inclusion with Associated Banc-Corp, Ms. Avery provides invaluable information to clients on the value of customer service. Listen in to hear how she got her start in this field.

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William Kaler Narration

william-kalerTitle: Vice President, Treasurer, Moderator

Company: WeatherFun

Location: Islip, NY


As the vice president of WeatherFun, Mr. Kaler keeps communities aware of developments in the weather and nurtures members’ passion for meteorology. Listen in to hear how Mr. Kaler got his start in this interesting position.


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Lisa Hughes Narration

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Victory Lighting & Electrical Services

Location: Dallas, TX

As the president and CEO of Victory Lighting & Electrical Services, Lisa Hughes oversees corporate accounts from some very prominent businesses. Listen in to hear how she got her start in this exciting industry.


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Thomas Bertz Narration

thomas-bertzTitle: Partner (Retired)

Company: Anderson O’Brien Law Firm

Location: Stevens Point, WI


As a retired partner of the Anderson O’Brien Law Firm, Thomas Bertz celebrates the conclusion of a career that earned him numerous distinctions and accolades. Listen in to hear how Mr. Bertz impacted his field and gave his best work in the service of his clients.

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Arlene Mazak Narration

arlene-mazakTitle: 1) Owner, Principal  2) Owner

Company: 1) Mazak Global Management 2) Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development

Location: Norwalk, CA


As the owner of Mazak Global Management and Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development, Arlene Mazak provides diversity training that helps businesses transform themselves to meet the demands of a modern environment. Listen in to hear how Dr. Mazak’s work helps add value to her clients.

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Bill Anderson Narration

bill-andersonTitle: Patent and Trademark Attorney

Company: Ahearn Fox

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia


As a patent and trademark attorney, Bill Anderson focuses his practice in the areas of industrial filtration and separation technologies. Listen in to hear how his work impacts this niche and expanding field.

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Malcolm Coombs Narration

malcolm-coombsTitle: Head of Oral Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging

Company: Sydney Dental Hospital

Location: Caringbah, NSW, Australia


As the head of oral surgery and diagnostic imaging with Sydney Dental Hospital, Malcolm Coombs discovered his passion for health care through his parents, who both worked in the industry. Listen in to hear how Mr. Coombs furthered his career in Australia and chose a path in dentistry.


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Linda Groff Narration

linda-groffTitle: 1) Director 2) Professor Emeritus

Company: 1) Global Options & Evolutionary Futures Consulting 2) California State University

Location: Playa del Rey, CA


As a futurist and consultant, Ms. Groff advises clients on global futures, evolution and change, peace, conflict resolution and nonviolence, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, unity and diversity issues, and spiritual and consciousness topics. Listen in to hear how Ms. Groff’s career has evolved over the years.

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David Boyles Narration

david-boylesTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer, Owner, Partner

Company: Fat Jack’s Pizza

Location: Lima, OH





David Boyles was driven by a love of his profession that led him to go into business for himself and eventually become the owner of a chain of pizza restaurants in Lima, OH. Listen in to hear how Fat Jack’s serves more than quality pizza, and how Mr. Boyles is leading the chain to greater success each and every day.


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