Ian Pettitt Interview

Ian Pettitt 1803844Title: Educator, Creator, Innovator

Company: Zenpod Health

Location: Queensland, Australia

Ian Pettitt has 31 years of experience in holistic wellness and has become a well-respected leader in the field. He is recognized for his ability to find ways to fix the human body and offer people self-help health. Mr. Pettitt also spent 30 years focusing on the lymphatics system of the human body, discovering how and why it is the cellular communicator for cleansing, studying the basics of digestion and regeneration. He believes his greatest achievement is recognizing 14 acupuncture and seven chakras and finding the self-activation of 12 meridians into the correct two-hour energy cycle. He believes inner balance is probable and the body is re-organized from within. Tune in to learn more about his company and how he can help you.

Contact Ian Pettitt

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