Maria Alfano Interview

Alfano, Maria 1663740Title: General Manager

Company: GTA Capital Partners

Location: Ontario, Canada

Maria Alfano is the general manager of GTA Capital Partners, which is a for-profit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing to low-income and struggling families who dream of owning a home. The company acquires below-market properties and companies in emerging markets and offers them to deserving individuals and families. Listen to Ms. Alfano explain the company’s processes and the ways it helps alleviate homelessness.

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4 Responses to Maria Alfano Interview

  1. this sounds interesting…are you currently working in Toronto – GTA?

  2. ilaisaane aholelei says:

    Great Information Maria, Thank You for Educating us on GTA main Mission.

  3. Rory says:

    Very interesting initiative! Is the company buying up Detroit!? Is this Company private? How long have you been there?

  4. Good work . We need more people doing the same . Unfortunately my research shows North America is about to face the same problems that the Japanese have had for the last 20 years. Detroit is just the beginning.

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