Richard Pesserl Interview

richard-pesserlTitle: Sales Team Manager

Company: Bosch Management Systems

Location: Farmington Hills, MI




As a sales team manager, Mr. Pesserl is excited to be a part of the dawn of a new age that will bring us such technological wonders as superintelligent artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Listen in to hear his thoughts on the latter, and how innovations in hardware and software will lead to continued progress and prosperity in the automotive industry and beyond.

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Pat Highcove Interview

pat-highcoveTitle: Vocational Consultant

Company: Highcove Consulting

Location: Lutherville-Timonium, MD



As a vocational consultant, Pat Highcove works with clients who have left the workforce due to disability, but are seeking to take back their lives and get back to work. Listen in to hear Pat’s tried and true methods for helping clients overcome their disabilities, as well as her strategies for employers to minimize risks for their employees.

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Bonnie King-Rose Interview

Bonnie King-RoseCompany: Howard Community College

Title: Educator

Location: Baltimore, MD



A retired stockbroker and current educator, Ms. King-Rose celebrates a life that has been filled with success, particularly in the fields of sales and finance. Listen in to hear how she became a female trailblazer in these traditionally male-dominated fields – amid much opposition – and achieved great success.

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Linda Miller Interview

Linda MillerTitle: Founding Partner

Company: IDLife, LLC

Location: Secane, PA



As a founding partner of IDLife, LLC, Linda Miller is proud to promote her company’s line of individually designed nutrition programs and products. Listen in to hear more about the products that IDLife offers and how you can take advantage of their health benefits.


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Patrick Matoole Narration

Patrick MatooleTitle: Physician, Neurologist

Company: Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Patrick Matoole became involved in his profession after being inspired by his father, and developing an interest in neurology at an early age. Listen in to hear about the hard work and dedication that has gone into his career as a health care professional.


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Ivan Cindric Interview

Ivan CindricTitle: Practice Director

Company: Ivan Cindric, CPA Auditor, CA, CPA (Illinois)

Location: Plantation, FL




As the director of his practice, Ivan Cindric handles management consulting work for large public companies, and he presents professional customer service in multiple areas of expertise. Listen in to hear the secrets to his success.

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Debra Stellar Narration

Debra StellarTitle: Director of Sales and Marketing

Company: Starlite Sign, LP

Location: Fort Worth, Texas



Throughout her career, Ms. Stellar has lived up to her name, excelling in sales, management and negotiations. Listen in to hear about the various awards, accolades and recognitions that she has received during her extensive career.




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Garth Pettit Interview

Garth PettitTitle: Sole Director

Company: 4 Your Smile 2 Shine Pty. Ltd.

Location: Campbelltown, SA, Australia

As a dental practitioner, Dr. Garth Pettit has accumulated significant expertise in the area of children’s dental health, which he is in the process of sharing with the children of Australia and the world at large. Listen in to hear how Dr. Pettit and his colorful cast of characters instruct young children on how to paint their mouths.

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Jim Smith Narration

Jim SmithTitle: Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: S-Squared Enterprises USA Inc.

Location: Peoria, IL




As the co-founder, president and CEO of S-Squared, Jim Smith is passionate about providing an ongoing legacy. In addition to his company, he has also established the Jim Smith Quality Institute, which is acclaimed by The American Society for Quality as the producer of the best worldwide success rate in its examinations.

Contact Jim Smith

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Daniel Ridout Interview

Daniel RidoutTitle: Head of Gastroenterology

Company: Eastern New Mexico Medical Center

Location: Roswell, NM



Dr. Daniel Ridout has had an interesting and storied career path. He successfully made the transition from aspiring musician to accomplished physician, and he has made a name for himself by carving out niches for his gastroenterology practices across the United States. Listen in to hear Dr. Ridout’s personal philosophies that have guided him to success over his career.

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