Marika Marlow Interview

marika-marlowTitle: Educator

Company: Mount Barker Primary School

Location: Mount Barker, SA





As an educator, Marika Marlow specializes in teaching five- and six-year students. Listen in to hear how she works to create the next generation of educators through new teachers.

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Rob Moir Interview

rob-moirTitle: Executive Director

Company: Ocean River Institute

Location: Cambridge, MA




As the executive director of the Ocean River Institute, Rob Moir works with the public to identify ways that ordinary citizens can preserve the beauty and wildlife of our oceans. He also works with politicians to improve regulations and keep our environment safe for future generations. Listen in to hear how you can help keep our seas clean and thriving.

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Russell Cinicolo Narration

russell-cinicoloTitle: Vice President of Operations, Co-Owner, Founder

Company: C-CO Technology, Inc.

Location:Newtown, CT


As the VP of operations at C-CO Technology, Russell Cinicolo wears many hats to ensure that business operates smoothly. As a result of his hard work and diligence, he has accomplished many great feats throughout his career, each of which dwarfs the last in scope. Listen in to hear about Mr. Cinicolo’s history and sterling reputation in the industry.

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David Smith Narration

Title: Attorney

Company: David D. Smith, P.C.

Location: Norman, OK


As an attorney, David Smith represents clients in both civil and criminal cases. Listen in to hear how he got his start in the legal profession.


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Michael Schmitz Narration

michael-schmitzTitle: President

Company: Global Command

Location: Naselle, WA






As the leader of Global Command, Michael Schmitz works to identify and fight natural disasters. Listen in to hear about his accomplishments in the field of environmentalism.

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Michelle Ferguson Interview

michelle-fergusonTitle: Senior Vice President of Global Workplace Strategies and Services (Retired)

Company: McGraw Hill Financial Inc.

Location: New York, NY





As a woman in today’s competitive business environment, Michelle Ferguson encourages other women to keep their skills current and challenge themselves by venturing outside of their comfort zones to achieve success. Listen in to hear how Ms. Ferguson’s unusual career path led her to thrive in a number of industries.

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Carolyn Purvis Narration

carolyn-purvisTitle: Sole Proprietor

Company: CP Quality Consulting

Location: Paris, TN






As the sole proprietor of CP Quality Consulting, Carolyn Purvis helps companies create order from chaos. After becoming a certified ISO 9001 auditor, she decided to help others attain that certification, and thus her business was born. Listen in to hear how Ms. Purvis’ services aid her clients on a daily basis.

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Mimi Ruth Interview

mary-ann-ruthTitle: Executive Consultant, Spiritual Life and Career Coach

Company: Mimi Ruth Coaching and Consulting

Location: Charlotte, NC




As a spiritual and life coach, Mimi Ruth applies state-of-the art research and success strategies to the lessons she shares with her clients. Listen in to hear some of her time-tested wisdom and advice.


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Hilaire Tavenner Interview

hilaire-tavennerTitle: Author, Owner

Company: Dutch Ink Publishing

Location: Lorain, Ohio





An acclaimed author and former nun, Ms. Tavenner has poured her life experiences onto the page in her biographical and travel books. Listen in to hear how her meetings with key spiritual leaders, including Mother Theresa, had a key influence on her work.

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Richard Pesserl Interview

richard-pesserlTitle: Sales Team Manager

Company: Bosch Management Systems

Location: Farmington Hills, MI




As a sales team manager, Mr. Pesserl is excited to be a part of the dawn of a new age that will bring us such technological wonders as superintelligent artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Listen in to hear his thoughts on the latter, and how innovations in hardware and software will lead to continued progress and prosperity in the automotive industry and beyond.

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