Dr. Patrick Matoole Narration

Matoole, Patrick 812229Title: Physician & Neurologist

Company: Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology, PC

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Patrick Matoole is a physician and neurologist for Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology, PC, a private practice that provides pediatric and adult neurological health care services. Dr. Matoole has been in his position for the past 12 years and is responsible treating for patients with neurological disorders. Listen to learn more about Dr. Matoole’s career path and accomplishments.

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Michael Blakney Interview

Michael Blakney 1409045Title: Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Company: Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation

Location: Hatfield, PA

Michael Blakney’s knack for numbers and mathematical mind inspired him to pursue a career in the financial industry. Today, he has more than 15 years of professional experience and has garnered a reputation for his strong skill set and industry knowledge. Mr. Blakney attributes all the success he has experience throughout his career to his hard work and organizational skills. Listen to learn more about Mr. Blakney’s illustrious career.

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Eva Jo Sparks Interview

Eva Jo Sparks 584Title: Owner, Consultant

Company: Oklahoma Expert Witness

Location: Broken Arrow, OK

Eva Jo Sparks is a certified fraud examiner who has been successfully running her company since December 1999. Oklahoma Expert Witness is a forensic consulting company that provides services in financial fraud examinations. white collar forensics, and forensic mortgage auditing and adjustable-rate mortgage. Her background in auditing and real estate has enabled her to excel in her field and gain a reputation across the United States. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Sparks’ career and her company.

Contact Eva Jo Sparks

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Daniela Kaiser Interview

Daniela Kaiser 1792042Title: International Recruitment Manager, Owner, Founder

Company: International Recruitfinder

Location: Austria

Daniela Kaiser is an international recruitment manager, owner and founder of International Recruitfinder, which offers recruiting and staffing services for luxury hotels, spas, cruise ships, yachts and villas. Ms. Kaiser has more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality and leisure industries. She has worked with a cruise ship, and Steiner Leisure Limited as a recruitment manager. After nine years, she decided to establish her own recruiting company. Her varied background and strong language skills have enabled her to excel in the profession. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Kaiser and her career.

Contact Daniela Kaiser 

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Carlos Adjiman Interview

Carlos Adjiman 1700051Title: Former Technical Officer

Company: TAFE NSW

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Carlos Adjiman is a senior professional with more than 26 years of experience in IT and mechanical engineering. He has an extensive background in mechanical components, pressure vessels, piping and sheet metal, and has worked in various industries in the design and implementation phase. Mr. Adjiman started his career in Argentina before moving to Australia and establishing a career in the education sector. Mr. Adjiman’s knowledge and expertise make him a key talent in the industry, and he looks to share his knowledge through tutoring university students. Tune in to learn more about his career path and his future endeavors.

Contact Carlos Adjiman

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Ian Pettitt Interview

Ian Pettitt 1803844Title: Educator, Creator, Innovator

Company: Zenpod Health

Location: Queensland, Australia

Ian Pettitt has 31 years of experience in holistic wellness and has become a well-respected leader in the field. He is recognized for his ability to find ways to fix the human body and offer people self-help health. Mr. Pettitt also spent 30 years focusing on the lymphatics system of the human body, discovering how and why it is the cellular communicator for cleansing, studying the basics of digestion and regeneration. He believes his greatest achievement is recognizing 14 acupuncture and seven chakras and finding the self-activation of 12 meridians into the correct two-hour energy cycle. He believes inner balance is probable and the body is re-organized from within. Tune in to learn more about his company and how he can help you.

Contact Ian Pettitt

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Paul Swadel Interview

Paul Swadel 1681231Title: 1) Senior Lecturer in 3D  2) Director, Producer

Company: 1) Media Design School 2) Supercollider Ltd.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Paul Swadel is a renowned and respected film producer and director who has been involved in creating more than 30 films and countless TV commercials. His films have been accepted in the Cannes, Sundance, Venice and Berlin film festivals, where they won awards. Mr. Swadel has also directed a significant number of award-winning art documentaries around the world. He attributes his success to his perfectionism, as well as to always giving 100 percent. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Swadel’s career and his upcoming projects.

Contact Paul Swadel 

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Diane Baker Narration

Diane Baker 1567225Title: President

Company: RiskAssist Consulting Inc.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Diane Baker is the president of RiskAssist Consulting Inc., a risk management consultancy that offers commercial risks consulting services. Ms. Baker has built the company over the past 17 years and has worked with prominent industry professionals. With a background in insurance, she draws on her strong skill set and industry knowledge to drive the success of her company. Listen to learn more about RiskAssist and Ms. Baker’s illustrious career.

Contact Diane Baker

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