Rory Gilbert Interview

Rory Gilbert 1569627Title: Vice President

Company: Kroeschell Engineering Company

Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Rory Gilbert has spent the past 25 years working for Kroeschell Engineering Company. He is a strong leader who is known for his expertise in energy management and central utility plants. Mr. Gilbert enjoys helping his clients save costs by coming up with engineering solutions that promote sustainability. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Gilbert and his work at Kroeschell.

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Dr. Patrick Matoole Narration

Matoole, Patrick 812229Title: Physician & Neurologist

Company: Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology, PC

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Patrick Matoole is a physician and neurologist for Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology, PC, a private practice that provides pediatric and adult neurological health care services. Dr. Matoole has been in his position for the past 12 years and is responsible treating for patients with neurological disorders. Listen to learn more about Dr. Matoole’s career path and accomplishments.

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Rob Moir Interview

rob moirTitle: President and Executive Director

Company: Ocean River Institute

Location: Cambridge, MA

Dr. Rob Moir is an educator, scientist and activist with a proven history in institutional management and marine policy success. He has been a leader of citizen science and efforts to clean up the Salem Sound and Boston Harbor, and is working to bring about healthier ocean waters. Dr. Moir develops campaigns and efforts to pass legislation and save all of the 446 fish and fish stock complexes in American waters. Dr. Moir is an expert in ecosystem-based resource management and is dedicated to making a difference through the Ocean River Institute. Listen to learn more about Dr. Moir, the Ocean River Institute’s campaigns and his goals for American fisheries.

Contact Rob Moir

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Carolyn Purvis Narration

Carolyn Purvis

Title: Sole Proprietor

Company: CP Quality Consulting

Location: Paris, Tennessee

Carolyn Purvis is the owner of CP Quality Consulting, a specialized consultancy that provides clients with consulting, auditing, and certification auditing services. Ms. Purvis established her company more than a decade ago after working in the manufacturing industry. She is a certified lead auditor who excels at building quality management systems. Ms. Purvis  attributes her success to her ability to take chaos and make organization. Tune in to learn more about her career.

Contact Carolyn Purvis 

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Carla Hill Interview

Title: Teaching Associate

Company: Marist College

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Carla Hill is a dedicated educator with 36 years of experience. She teaches at the prestigious liberal arts institution, Marist College, where works with students and teaches numerous math and statistics courses. She also serves as a mentor and academic adviser to one of the school’s sports teams. Ms. Hill takes great pride in her work and gets great enjoyment out of knowing she is making a difference in the lives of the students. She attributes her success to her open-mindedness and love for working with young people. Listen to learn more about Ms. Hill and her career accomplishments.

Contact Carla Hill

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Susan Lamb Interview

Title: Hypnotherapist

Company: Private Practice

Location: San Diego, CA

Susan Lamb was in talk therapy for 35 years, and came to understand what happened in her family of origin. Going to hypnotherapy school and reconnecting with her higher self changed the way she felt about herself, and made her want to help others do the same. When she does a session for someone, she “empties herself,” or becomes a clear channel, and God does the work. Sometimes, she does not remember what she has said, but rather the person heals and God does the healing through her. Ms. Lamb works with clients in her home and provides her services over the Internet. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Lamb and the services she provides.

Contact Susan Lamb

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James Holliday Interview

James Holliday 1862814Title: Of Counsel

Company: The Baringer Law Firm, LLC

Location: Baton Rouge. LA

James S. Holliday Jr. is an accomplished lawyer who has practiced for 50 years. He ran his own law firm and merged with The Baringer Law Firm, LLC. Mr. Holliday currently serves as a mentor to younger lawyers at the firm who need help on a variety of cases. Mr. Holliday has extensive experience in construction and corporate law, and has written books on the subjects. His vast knowledge and successful track record have earned him a stellar reputation throughout the state of Louisiana. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Holliday’s illustrious career.

Contact Mr. Holliday 

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Dr. Brett Henderson Interview

Brett HendersonTitle: Physician, Neurosurgeon

Company: Brett Henderson, MD

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dr. Brett Henderson is a highly regarded neurosurgeon with 20 years of industry experience. He thoroughly enjoys his job and in knowing he is making a difference in the lives of others. Dr. Henderson spends his days correcting neurological problems through surgery including neck, back, and spine surgeries, and other specialized neurological procedures. He is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality services and in ensuring he makes the correct diagnosis to treat his patients. Listen to learn more about Dr. Henderson and his illustrious career.

Contact Dr. Henderson

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Ronald Laura Interview

Ronald LauraTitle: 1) Senior Research Adviser 2) Professor of Education

Company: 1) Matrix One Pty Ltd 2) The University of Newcastle Australia

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Dr. Ronald Laura in an internationally recognized exercise physiology specialist who came up with the ideas and concepts of Matrix Quick Fit (MQF) when he was just 7 years old. He has published 43 books and countless articles and spent 36 years of his career perfecting his fitness system. Dr. Laura is affectionately referred to as “The Renaissance Professor” because of his many abilities. Tune in to learn more about his career and his fitness principles.

Contact Dr. Ronald Laura

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Michelle Ferguson Interview

Michelle Ferguson 1585808Title: Senior Vice President of Global Workplace Strategies and Services

Company: McGraw Hill Financial Inc.

Location: New York, N.Y.

Michelle Ferguson is a highly regarded professional with 32 years of experience and a diverse background. Ms. Ferguson is a CPA, but her career trajectory has enabled her to excel in different areas of the business world, including project management. One of her greatest achievements was developing the Women’s Initiative at McGraw Hill and co-founding the corporate-wide mentoring program. The Initiative has been a huge success, spanning the global in 19 regions. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Ferguson’s career and how she is assisting women in advancing in the corporate world.

Contact Michelle Ferguson


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Michael Waring Interview

Michael Waring 1800770Title: Postal Delivery Officer

Company: Australia Post

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Michael Waring has worked for Australia Post since 1987. He has gained extensive experience and training in ethics and leadership, and has served as a team leader. An effective and dynamic skilled employee, Mr. Waring is proud of the path his career has taken and looks to continue working with Australia Post for many years to come. Tune in to learn more about Australia Post and Mr. Waring’s illustrious career.

Contact Michael Waring

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Michelle Oldroyd Interview

Michelle Oldroyd 821224Title: Director of the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education, Associate Professor

Company: 1) Office of the Lieutenant Governor 2) University of Utah

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Michelle Oldroyd takes her love of law and teaching to a new level through her positions with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the University of Utah. Ms. Oldroyd develops and implements new initiatives that help students learn the law in a practical setting. She interacts with young adults and aspiring lawyers, and provides them with hands-on experiences. Ms. Oldroyd has been involved in the industry for 15 years and is recognized for her passion and comprehensive background in legal education. She attributes her success to the professional mentoring she received, the relationships she has built over the course of her career, and her sincere willingness to be involved in projects at their ground-level inception. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Oldroyd and her career in law.

Contact Michelle Oldroyd

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James Collins Interview

Collins, James 1816687Title: 1) Professor and Director and Veterinary Pathologist  2) Advisory Board Member

Company: 1) University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 2) Zepto Life Technology

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Dr. James Collins has dedicated his career to raising the standards of medicine and health care for animals and humans. He has been a veterinarian for more than 30 years and shares his experience and knowledge with students at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Additionally, Dr. Collins has been an important part of Zepto Life Technology’s success as he has assisted the company’s staff with diagnostic methodology selection and development. His various areas of expertise and comprehensive background have enabled Dr. Collins to excel in his field. He attributes his success to his personal drive, communication skills, willingness to listen and incorporate others, innovation and drive. To learn more about Dr. Collins’ career and Zepto Life Technology listen to his interview with Worldwide Broadcasting.

Contact Dr. James Collins 

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Rudi Deruytter Interview

Rudi Deruytter 1745859Title: CEO

Company: CKV Bank

Location: Belgium

Rudi Deruytter is an accomplished professional in the banking industry who has garnered more than 30 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he is credited with saving and restructuring the banks ING, Kaupthing, Holding Communal, Dexia, and KBC after the fall of Lehman Brothers from 2008 to 2012. Mr. Deruytter’s competitive nature has proven to be the driving force of his success as he works closely with his team to achieve the bank’s goals. He takes great pride in his work and hopes to continue experiencing revenue growth and market share in the same niche. Listen to learn more about Mr. Deruytter and his astounding accomplishments.

Contact Rudi Deruytter

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Patricia Martin Interview

Patricia Martin 1740525Title: Owner, Operator

Company: Rolla Pub

Location: British Columbia, Canada

A lover of helping and socializing with people, Patricia Martin followed in her parents’ footsteps and took over the family business. Rolla Pub, which resides in a 90-year-old building, serves all types of beer and alcohol, and offers locals and tourists an experience that is like nothing else. Her family has owned and operated the Rolla Pub for 48 years, and she became a partner and has worked there since 1985. Over the years, Ms. Martin has added her own personality to the pub by collecting and displaying antiques that represent the community she calls home. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Martin and Rolla Pub.

Contact Patricia Martin

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Sabiha Hadi Interview

Sabiha hadi 1810077Title: Managing Director

Company: Sabiha Hadi Consulting Ltd.

Location: United Kingdom

Sabiha Hadi is a multilingual business owner who has been involved in management accounting for more than 30 years. Her business constantly seeks to deliver a professional, honest and straightforward approach that not only offers the highest level of service, but also strives to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing marketplace. Ms. Hadi works hard to provide clients with the solutions they require to move their organizations forward. She has achieved great success throughout her career and attributes her success to having good mentors. Listen to learn more about Ms. Hadi and hear her speak of her accomplishments and goals.

Contact Sabiha Hadi 

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Melanie Freese Interview

Melanie Freese 2620Title: Associate Professor of Library Services

Company: Hofstra University

Location: Hempstead, NY

Melanie Freese is an associate professor of library services for the Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library at Hofstra University. She is an expert in children’s literature and education material classification. Her daily responsibilities include cataloging a variety of materials for the curriculum materials center and consulting on the management of CMC materials. Ms. Freese attributes her success to her education and work ethic. Listen to learn more about Ms. Freese and her illustrious career.

Contact Melanie Freese 

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Andrew Wailes Narration

Andrew Wailes 1785388Title: Music Director, Chief Conductor

Company: Royal Melbourne Philharmonic

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Wailes is a conductor, choral director, chorus master, lecturer and singer known throughout Australia. His resume includes working with The Australian Children’s Choir, conductor of the Melbourne University Choral Society, and major faculty choirs at all of the state’s universities, including Monash University, The University of Melbourne and Melba Conservatorium. He also conducted at Australian Catholic University, where he lectured in conducting and choral studies. He is an award-winning professional who attributes his success to his passion for music. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Wailes illustrious music career.

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Dr. Diane Jones Interview

ffbb4f844de4427e84a2f27382475e85Title: General Practitioner

Company: Dr. Diane V. Jones Inglewood

Location: New Zealand

Dr. Diane V. Jones is a highly regarded general practitioner who has been practicing medicine for more than three decades. She specializes in musculoskeletal, family and sports medicine, and has become a staple in the Inglewood community. Dr. Jones enjoys interacting with patients and providing them with the highest quality care. She is also involved in numerous community organizations and looks to continue utilizing her skills and knowledge to assist others in their time of need. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Jones’s career.


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Stephen Mercer Narration

Stephen Mercer 1799374Title: Process Consultant

Company: Williams

Location: Oklahoma

Stephen Mercer is an established professional who started his career as a senior technical writer. This introduced him to process improvement projects, and he steadily progressed to become a leader in the IT industry. Mr. Mercer takes great pride in his work and believes he has been able to excel due to his passion for learning, being detail-oriented, and to his good work ethic. Tune in to hear about Mr. Mercer’s professional journey.

Contact Stephen Mercer


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Colin Chinner Narration

WB Logo FINAL (2)Title: Director

Company: MSM Loss Management

Location: Victoria, Australia

Mr. Chinner has been the owner and director of his business in Melbourne for 14 years. His company has the experience and resources to readily gain an understanding of a client’s operations, and are familiar with the industries in which they operate. An expert in technical insurance claims, Mr. Chinner has worked on various insurance claims for clients with assignments in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He attributes his success to always putting the customer first and taking their business needs into consideration. Listen to learn more about Mr. Chinner and his company.

Contact Colin Chinner

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Gary Maksagak Narration

WB Logo FINAL (2)Title: Facilities Manager

Company: Community and Government Services

Location: Cambridge Bay NU Canada

Gary Maksagak has more than 30 years of experience in facilities management and has been dedicated to maintaining GN assets in a safe level for public interest. A Certified Oil Burner Mechanic, Mr. Maksagak spends his days communicating with clients and community government departments, overseeing five communities, and supervising nine employees. He attributes his success to his people skills and always presenting himself in a professional manner. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Maksagak and his career.

Contact Gary Maksagak 

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