Marianne Kadunc

marianne Kadunc 1550250Title: Founder, Director, Speaker, Author, Songwriter

Company: Marianne’s Mobile Marketing, a Division of C Change Music Pty Ltd

Location: Sydney, Australia

Marianne Kadunc is a creative entrepreneur who turned her love of music, children, and community into a lucrative career. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to assist and positively influence people’s lives on a personal and professional level. Ms. Kadunc offers clients a wide range of mobile marketing services and prides herself on always putting their needs first. She is also an accomplished author of “The Adventures of Mazzy Mookameyer – Storybook.” Tune in to learn more about Ms. Kadunc and the services she can offer you.

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Jennifer Dotts Interview

Jennifer Dotts 1733805Title: Management Consultant

Company: EY (Ernst & Young)

Location: Chicago, IL

Jennifer Dotts’s unique skill set due to extensive industry and consulting experience has made her a leader in the insurance industry. An expert in organizational transformation, Ms. Dotts travels the world and helps insurers improve their claims operations. She takes great pride in her work and enjoy sharing her knowledge through facilitating workshops and mentoring others. Aside from her work at EY, Ms. Dotts is dedicated to giving back to her community and donating to worthy causes. Tune in to hear Ms. Dotts discuss her illustrious career and future aspirations.

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Cathy Meyer Narration

Cathy Meyer 1515913Title: Director, Chairwoman

Company: Eden in Oz & NZ Ltd.

Location: Queensland, Australia

Cathy Meyer is the director and chairwoman of Eden in Oz & NZ Ltd., a nonprofit organization that provides a range of culture change and organizational change training products and services for the aged and community care services sector in Australia and New Zealand. A certified Eden trainer, visitor, and associate, Ms. Meyer  attributes her success to having a clear vision, strong leadership qualities, and a good team of staff surrounding her and sharing the same vision. She hopes to see Eden in Oz & NZ Ltd. gain exposure across Australia and New Zealand in the coming years. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Meyer and her career.

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Fiona Davies-McConchie Interview

Fiona Davies-McConchieTitle:Director of Environmental Remediation Technologies

Company: Mt. Aspiring Geochemical Ltd. in association with Virotec Global Solutions Ltd.

Location: Australia

Fiona Davies-McConchie is dedicated to developing innovative technologies to address otherwise intractable and serious environmental problems. She is a research scientist who focuses on creating workable, affordable, proven, environmentally sound remediation options that promote sustainability. Ms. Davies-McConchie also conducts research and development of market technologies that use one industry’s waste products to benefit another industry in an environmentally, sociologically and economically sustainable and workable manner. Tune in to learn more about her company, projects and professional journey.

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Dongmei Wu Interview

Dongmei Wu 1539504Title: Vice President, Technology Services

Company: Zoyto Incorporated

Location: Houston, Texas

Dongmei Wu is the vice president of technology services for Zoyto Incorporated, a total quality management company that offers clients business process improvement, IT outsourcing, Web-based business solutions, e-commerce software, and system integration services. Ms. Wu is a technical expert who works diligently to assist Zoyto in achieving its intended goals. Ms. Wu believes her professional success is a result of her passion for the industry and her strong work ethic. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Wu’s professional career and accomplishments.

Contact Dongmei Wu

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Dr. Lydia Herndon Interview

Lydia Herndon 1343511Title: Adjunct Faculty Member, Teacher Educator, Speaker, Curriculum Writer

Company: Gordon State College

Location: Barnesville, GA

Dr. Lydia Herndon works as an adjunct professor at Gordon State College, located in Barnesville, Ga. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to work for several universities across the nation. In addition to molding the minds of youth, she teaches values and history through her traveling museum. Dr. Herndon has an incredible family history, which she shares with Worldwide Broadcasting. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Herndon, her values and ideals.

Contact Dr. Lydia Herndon

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Susan Eustis Interview

Susan Eustis 1556394Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: WinterGreen Research, Inc.

Location: Lexington, MA

Susan Eustis is the president and chief executive officer of WinterGreen Research, Inc., a research organization that prepares and analyzes market research studies for various industries, including energy, health care, telecommunications, nanotechnology and Internet segments. Ms. Eustis has been highly successful in her field, and enjoys immersing herself in to new ventures. She is currently working on, which is a website that encourages people to get together and create jobs. Tune in to learn more about her career and how you can use to assist in your professional endeavors.


Contact Susan Eustis 

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