Darryl Wilson Interview

Darryl WilsonTitle: President

Company: Itracit Project Solutions Inc.

Location: Onoway, AB, Canada




As the president of Itracit Project Solutions, Darryl Wilson shares the lessons learned through nearly four decades of experience in the construction industry. Listen in to hear about the factors that have led to his success.

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Linda Austin Interview

Linda AustinTitle: Freelance Writer

Company: Self-Employed

Location: Fort Worth, TX




As a freelance writer, Linda Austin shares some information about her latest work, “Midnight Amethyst.” Listen in to hear more about her creative process, and about the details of her innovative historical fantasy work.

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Monique Sidaross Interview


Title: Director, General Educator, Engineer

Company: Moni Sid & Associates

Location: Rosemead, CA


Experienced engineer Monique Sidaross gives a captivating glimpse into her storied past in the industry, starting from her roots as a Greek woman born in Egypt and covering her experience working for the American government. Listen in to hear her struggles as a woman in a largely male-dominated field in America.

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Elaine Adevai Interview

Elaine Adevai

Title: Executive Director

Company: New Vista for Families, Inc.

Location: Staten Island, NY

As the executive director of New Vista for Families, Inc., Elaine Adevai works with women and children to protect them from dangerous and abusive home environments. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Adevai’s important work.

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Vicki Starfire Interview


Title: Internet Marketing SpecialistVicki Starfire

Company: StarShine Products

Location: Ferndale, WA

Through her various enterprises, Vicki Starfire has gained a truly diverse and comprehensive skill set, which is complimented by her passion. Listen in to hear about her latest product, a lightweight pet bed that is perfect for travel.



Contact Vicki Starfire

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Nathaly Gagnon Interview

Gagnon, Nathaly 1973246

Title: Financial Planner

Company: Investors Group Securities

Location: Westmount, QC, Canada

Nathaly Gagnon shares her insights into common pitfalls that prevent investors from realizing their financial goals. She goes on to explain how following her simple advice can pave a sure-fire path to success.

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Michael Blakney Interview

Michael Blakney 1409045Title: Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Company: Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation

Location: Hatfield, PA

Michael Blakney’s knack for numbers and mathematical mind inspired him to pursue a career in the financial industry. Today, he has more than 16 years of professional experience and has garnered a reputation for his accounting skills and industry knowledge. Mr. Blakney attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his career to his hard work and organizational skills. Tune in to learn about Mr. Blakney and Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation.

Contact Michael Blakney

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Dale Layman Interview

Dale Layman 1956238Title: Author, Speaker, Visionary Thinker in The Sciences, Founder

Company: Robowatch, LLC

Location: Illinois

Dr. Dale Layman is the Founder of Robowatch and the first Grand Ph.D. of Medicine in the U.S. Can we as humans process information like computers without always using them? Did you know that all too soon robots will be in our homes and be our companions, caregivers, pets? These are the questions Dr. Layman poses to the world. He believes we are now in a robot revolution. Dr. Layman, who is anti-robotic, is the counter revolution. His goal is to protect our human identity and not become robots of the future. He looks to enlighten and wake up America to what is coming by reporting on developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Dr. Layman hopes his findings will open the eyes of people around the world and persuade them to join his cause. Listen to learn more about Dr. Layman and his human rights advocacy group.


As revealed in the Interview, Dr. Layman fears that we are quickly entering what he has called, “A New ROBO- PEARL HARBOR!”  Immediately following this train of thought, leads to an Even More Dangerous Conclusion:  This New ROBO- PEARL HARBOR may, very soon lead, in turn, to what he terms, “A New ROBO- CIVIL WAR!”  This strange, new ROBO- CIVIL WAR may soon be starting Within the United States, and then Spread Like A Deadly Cancer or an Out-of-Control Wildfire – – Throughout The WORLD!  This is A High-Level “Battle for the Human Heart, Soul, and Mind.”  This High-Level “Battle” reflects the quickly-growing Academic, Intellectual, and Social Consequences of SINGULARITY THEORY.  This THEORY basically predicts that, Mankind As We Now Know It will become”Extinct” by the Year 2045!  Please help “Poor Dad” (Dr. Dale Layman) Try To SAVE “Sleeping” Mankind from this Grave New Threat!  – – BEFORE it is TOO LATE!

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Dr. Robert Zann Interview

robert zannTitle: Physician, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Company: Orthopaedic Surgery Associates. Inc.

Location: Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Robert Zann is a world renowned orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee replacements. Dr. Zann is the only board-certified, fellowship-trained total joint replacement surgeon in south Florida named in many publications. He volunteered to join teams in humanitarian medical ventures to Third World countries. He also conducts practical education during course of live satellite operation. Over his more than 20-year career, Dr. Zann has perfected his skill level, and he is at the top of his profession. He attributes his success to his hard work, dedication, experiences and desire to help and share his knowledge with others. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Zann and his accomplished career.

Contact Dr. Robert Zann

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Alejandra Villarroel Mijares Interview

Alejandra Villarroel Mijares 1747713Title: Senior Policy Analyst of Housing Finance and Capital

Company: CMHC-SCHL

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Alejandra Villarroel Mijares is the senior policy analyst of housing finance and capital at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, a national housing agency that offers mortgage loan insurance, mortgage-backed securities, housing policy and programs, and housing research. Ms. Villarroel Mijares is an award-winning professional who has garnered 15 years of experience. She attributes her success to her communication and problem-solving skills. Her ability to work with different stakeholders with different interests and being able to reach the best solution for all involved have assisted the organization in achieving its goals. Tune in to learn more about Ms. Villarroel Mijares and her career. 

[audio www.eliteradionetwork.com/files/1d51784c3317d8.mp3]

Contact Alejandra Villarroel Mijares


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